英 文 科

  The S.K.H. Ma On Shan Holy Spirit Primary School Fun English Team demonstrated another successful Parents’ Observation Day on 23rd January, 2014. The whole team collaborated on a new and original Fun English lesson that simulated how students normally learn in a typical Fun English lesson at school. The special observation lesson was designed to demonstrate to prospective and interested parents what teaching techniques are utilized in class to promote English-language learning through interaction and participation in educational and creative activities.

  Mr Tim and Ms Lee, half of the Fun English Team, began the demonstration with a quick phonics review and then taught new vocabulary from the story, ‘The Magic Key’, to increase comprehension. After that, the students listened to ‘A Magic Key’ read aloud, and ended the lesson by participating in a Readers’ Theatre activity which they rehearsed with their group to enhance student-to-student interaction.

   In Readers’ Theatre, a simplified version of the story is used as a script for the students to read aloud as a group. It is a popular drama format that provides students with both reading and speaking practice. It is also a fun and effective method to simultaneously teach basic drama skills that utilize voice and gesture while reinforcing the story’s plot.

  The feedback from guests was quite positive. Parents were impressed with how students benefit from organic and natural interaction with their teachers and classmates through fun and creative activities, which reaffirms the success of the Fun English teaching strategies.

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